Rebecca Davis mrss(t), ba
body therapist—facilitated therapies to bypass the mind

  • individual systemic constellation
  • shiatsu therapeutic bodywork
  • supervision & tutorials for shiatsu students/practitioners
  • postgraduate level workshops in shiatsu

Individual Systemic Constellation &
Shiatsu Therapeutic Bodywork

  • space, time out, self-understanding
  • family, personal & work relationships
  • physical, emotional & life issues
  • illness & postoperative support

What do I do?

I am an intuitive body therapist with over 18 years experience. I use the disciplines of shiatsu and systemic constellation to help you to hear and feel your body’s wisdom.

Why the body?

Your body holds the story of how you are and of your history—when you bypass the mind and listen to the body you can feel and understand yourself in a powerfully visceral way.